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Providers' Page

For clinical and administrative staff of DWI / DUI Program
Providers located outside North Carolina who have clients
with NC DWI conviction(s).

We have designed our Out Of State program to minimize as much as possible the amount of work required of staff at the providing programs located outside NC. Many NC DWI agencies offering this service will charge the client a considerable fee and then send you and the client most of the paperwork to complete. This strikes me as unfair. I will complete all the necessary forms and paperwork except that which can only be done by the program providing agency, such as your program completion document(s).

In this way, staff of providing agencies may involve themselves in the process as little or as much as you wish. I've been working in the field for over twenty years and know very well how busy you already are.

How to Assist A Client

It comes to your attention that a client has a NC DWI. How do you proceed?

First, determine whether that NC DWI is resolved or unresolved.

Resolved - All fees have been paid to the NC county of conviction and to the NC DMV,  the client has already completed a DWI program which was accepted by the NC DMV, and the client has no suspensions in NC due to the DWI. No action necessary on your part.

Unresolved - Client is suspended in NC due to failure to pay fees or fines, failure to have completed a DWI program meeting NC standards, or failure to have reported a completed DWI program to the NC DMV in the proscribed way (508-R Form).

1) If the client has already completed a DWI program and needs to report it correctly to the NC DMV, refer client to me by providing the client my name and phone number (or providing me the client's contact info). I'll handle it from there.

2) If the client hasn't yet completed a program, refer the client to me, either by simply giving him my name and phone number, or by printing out the Client Handout Sheet offered for download below.

I will explain the process to the client and begin the process on my end by obtaining a copy of his NC driving record and checking whether the client owes any fines or fees to the NC county of conviction or to the NC DMV.

3) Conduct your standard assessment or evaluation, but factor your program recommendation against the minimum criteria necessary to satisfy NC standards for DWI programs. Download and print the  Program Placement Criteria available below to determine how to recommend a program that will meet NC standards. (This form is password protected to prevent manipulation of evaluations. Contact Rob Martin for password: 252-883-9644).

4) Enroll the client in a program that meets the standards of both NC and your state.

5) Provide the client with your standard completion document(s) when completed. I will need a copy of these, whether provided directly by your agency or from the client. It is not mandatory, but you may download the Program Completion Form offered below, fill it out (one page and easy to fill out), and forward that to me, with or without your agency's standard completion document(s).

That's all there is to it!

-I handle everything else directly with the client.

-I handle all contact with the NC DMV.

-I remain in constant contact with the client to answer any questions   (saving you from being forever the 'middleman').

-I am always available to clients, clinicians, administrators, attorneys,  probation officers, etc. at any time to answer questions, whether you are making a referral or not.

*Helpful Tip:  A client will become aware of a NC license suspension in many ways, often by a letter from the NC DMV, or as the unfortunate result of a police check during a traffic stop. When clients call the NC DMV to learn why they are suspended, they may be told that because of a NC DWI conviction, they "need to get an assessment". This implies that only an assessment is necessary to clear the NC license suspenson. Not so.

The language in the NC law states those convicted of DWI in NC must "obtain a substance abuse assessment and complete the level DWI program recommended by the assessment". This is a mouthful and many NC DMV staff will abbreviate it to "you need an assessment" because they repeat it so often every day. While clients may be forgiven for believing only an assessment is required, in fact they must obtain an assessment / evaluation and complete a program. 

Check our FAQs Page for any questions not answered here, or simply call me and I'll be happy to provide you the needed info.


The primary form
required to clear a NC DWI is the
508-R Form, but 
it may only be filled out by a NC-
licensed DWI agency
, therefore there is no reason
to make it available for  download by program providers
in states other than NC. I will fill out and submit the 508-R
Form on behalf of our mutual client.

However, there are forms of convenience (convenient
for you and me) I can provide to any DWI/DUI program
provider outside NC. I mail a set of these forms every
six months or so to agencies in many of the states closest
to NC, where most of our Out Of State clients reside. You
may download PDF versions of each file for printout,
or you may contact me to obtain copies by mail
or fax.

Client Info Sheet -
For your clients with NC
DWI(s) to clear up. Explains the basics on how to get started
and provides clients my contact information. Saves you time by allowing your client and I to communicate directly.

Program Completion Form - Just one page,
taking 1-2 minutes to complete, this form c
aptures the data
I need to document that your client has completed a DWI
program meeting NC standards. I will also accept your agency's standard document(s) issued when a client completes one of your programs.

NC DWI Program Placement Criteria
- This form
outlines the five levels of NC DWI programs and lists the placement criteria for each. It is intended to help DWI /DUI providers outside NC the information needed to make sure your
client completes a program that meets or exceeds NC standards for DWI programs. (This form is password protected to prevent manipulation of evaluations. Contact Rob Martin for password: 252-883-9644). 

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