Martin DWI Services
Out Of State DWI Program

        For people with a NC DWI who want to take their
        DWI program in another state.

       About Fees....

Our agency's fee for handling your case is $175.00 for one NC DWI and $100 each for any additional NC DWIs you have that require clearance. It is best to call me first to make sure your case is resolvable. (Rob Martin 1-252-883-9644).

If you've been tagged as a "Habitual DWI Offender" by the NC DMV due to NC DWI convictions, your suspension is permanent and unappealable. We cannot help you in that situation.

The NC DMV has fees of either the $100 DWI License Restoration and/or the $50 (Service Fee). You may owe one, both, or neither of these (having already paid). I can check for you or you can call the NC DMV and check for yourself. Contact info is below.

You may owe fees to the NC County in which you were convicted of DWI. A commonly owed fee is the Civil Revocation Fee. At the time of arrest in NC your license (or license eligibility) was revoked for 30 days after which you owed the Civil Revocation Fee when reinstated. Fees vary from NC county to county, but are generally $50-$100. I can check this for you or you can call the NC County where you were arrested and check for yourself.

You may want to hold off paying any fees unless and until you are certain you actually owe them and have the correct amount(s).


How To Pay Fees

Martin DWI Services Out Of State DWI Fee:

You may pay our agency's $175 fee for Out Of State DWI Program Case Management in either of two ways:

1)  You may pay over the phone with a credit or debit card by calling
     our office:

     Tell them you want to pay your 'Out Of State Fee'. No special   
     reference numbers or codes needed. 

2) Or you may pay by mail by making out a $175 check or money
     order to "Martin DWI Services" and mailing it to: 
Martin DWI Services
101 Triangle Court, Suite A
Nashville NC 27856

     Include your name, address, and phone number please.

NC DMV Fees:

Make out a check or money order to "NC DMV" and mail it to:

NCDMV Audit Unit
3111 Mail Service Center
Raleigh NC 27699-3111

Include your name, date of birth, phone number and/or address, and your NC Customer ID #.

*If you've ever held a NC driver license or State ID Card, that is your NC Customer ID #. If you've never held a NC driver license or State ID Card, a NC Customer ID # was assigned to you by the NC DMV when they received notice from the Court that you had been convicted of DWI.

If you don't know your NC Customer ID #, I can find it out for you. Please note this number is sometimes called your 'NC Driver License #' even if you've never held a NC driver license.

Link to the NC DMV website:

*(Please note that Martin DWI Services is not part of the NC DMV. We mention these NC DMV fees because failure to pay them will keep you suspended in NC and our goal is to get you relicensed, not to merely submit a 508-R Form and let you figure out the rest).

NC County-Level Fees (if any):

There are 100 different counties in NC, all with different phone numbers, and those numbers change with some frequency. Hence, I can't list them all here and hope to maintain any consistent accuracy.

If you need the phone number to a particular NC county Clerk Of Court office, call me and I'll provide it. You may also look it up yourself at this link:

Once you've contacted the Clerk Of County in the correct NC county, they will inform you whether you owe any fees and how to pay.


 Contact Info for Rob Martin:

     Phone:  1-252-883-9644
         Fax:  1-804-549-5096
       Email:  martindwiservices >AT<

 Mailing Address: Martin DWI Services
                             101 Triangle Court, Suite A
                             Nashville NC 27856